Gold Foil Printing Pillow Case Cover


  • $9.99

These Gold Foiling Pillow Cases are here! These decorative pillow cases will accent your bedside, favorite chair, or sofa perfectly. The pillow cases are a great way to effortlessly change up your decor. The pillow cases have a hidden zipper and the case can be removed for easy cleaning. They are MACHINE WASHABLE and the cushion holds shape over time. 

Material: Polyester; Size:45cmX45cm/18X18"

Package Content:  1 PC Pillow case (Inner Pillow is not included) 


      Welcome to Cozy Street!
      Cozy Street was launched in 2018 by Trish as a way to counter balance everyday stressors with relaxation. As an attorney, she knew what it was like to be stressed and have anxiety and it is not an easy thing to get control of. She created this brand with the intent of promoting self-care which is important for one's mental health. The goal is for everyone to take the necessary time to live the cozy life. What is the cozy life? Well, it's a lifestyle where you choose to take steps to create a stress-free and anxiety-free environment. The cozy life is all about being comfortable and surrounding yourself with good vibes. It can be as simple as doing a pampering routine or watching your favorite show while snuggled up on the couch with a big blanket. After a long day of work, doing chores, taking care of the kids, or whatever, you still have to take time for yourself. This can be done in the most simplest ways like throwing on some pajamas, light a candle, grab a glass of wine and go into chill mode. Cozy Street is where you go to get all things cozy and to help facilitate a cozy environment to get you in a state of relaxation.
      So join us in this movement and let's get cozy! 

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